The boat

Over the years I have sailed many different designs of the OK Dinghy from various builders. The current Synergy Evolution is probably the best boat I have had in terms of build quality. The new design also seems to be very fast upwind and keeps the downwind speed the boats are renowned for. It is a very nicely balanced boat to sail with comfortable sidekicks for hiking and very good foils. Synergy are happy to customise the colours and the fit out to suit whatever you want and have some really nice touches that make the boats look great. All in all a great boat!

Greg Wilcox, Sail Maker, OK Dinghy World Champion & Interdominion Champion

The Synergy Evolution OK Dinghy is everything I wanted in my new boat. It’s fast up and down wind! Build quality is top notch and best of all, it wins races!

XYZ 123 Mr Fast Sailor